Age 15
Levels 43 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

1CicL3 (Fasterrr on the wiki) is a player who is sometimes sarcastic. He created many impossible levels and auto levels, and has been noticed to many popular players such as Cyrillic, but all of his non-auto levels are underrated due to unknown reason. He also has an old account called Thereal1CicL3, but he gave it to his friend. He is currently inactive in the game.


  • Decode II (First level)
  • Silent Landscape (His first auto-impossible level)
  • Silent Jawbreaker (First NC level)
  • Bloodbath Circles (His most popular level)
  • Ultranova (A NC remake)
  • Sonic Wave v3 (Another NC remake)
  • Haunted Corridor v2
  • Bloodbath Circles v2
  • Crimson Hell (A collab with Danmaster007)


  • His level, Haunted Corridor v2 is currently rated as hard and has more dislikes than likes, due to his haters and hackers rating it easy and downvoting numerous times.
  • He used to post a lot of comments about haters, but he says that he no longer cares about them.
  • He tried to change his name on his old account, but accidentally lost all of his data.
  • He hosted a creator contest which was until May 1st 2016. The results are on the level's description.
  • His YouTube profile picture is a picture of a black screen, which means he is no longer active on YouTube.
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