Age 15
Levels 18 (None Rated)
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Crew Unknown
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Acharne (formerly Furry Dash), is well-known, skilled player, who specializes with the wave gamemode. This was proven as he had beaten (or verified) extremely hard levels which central feature is the wave gamemode, for example, Sakupen Hell, Crimson Clutter, Bausha Vortex, and most notably, Sonic Wave.

While generally considered as an expert wave user, he also completed several other difficult demons, which includes both versions of Cataclysm, Bloodbath, Aftermath, ICDX, Cosmic Calamity, and Yatagarasu.

He is currently verifying the upcoming Blade of Justice, after Sunix handed the level to him.


  • His named was changed from Furry Dash to Acharne as he left the furry fandom.
  • He had quit multiple times, and would return only shortly after. For example, he once left as he crashed at 96% on Allegiance, quit, only to return a few days later beating it.
  • He is homosexual, and once had a boyfriend named Mince.
  • Among all the times he was accused of hacking, he was also accused to be a pedophile. However, this was debunked.


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