Age 18
Levels 2
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AleXPain24 is a Russian Gamer who is particularly professional in Geometry Dash. He has uploaded videos of all official levels as well as many demons. He also uploads Osu! and other games.


  • His profile pic is from a GTA V concept art of "Lamar Davis," a character from the aforementioned game.
  • He was believed to have quit GD, because the last level he uploaded was Deadlocked. He returned four months later by uploading a video of Reanimation.
  • He has stated that he doesn't like GD very much.
  • He is one of the major Geometry Dash YouTuber who have reached 100,000+ subscribers, the others are GuitarHeroStyles, Riot, EricVanWilderman, Bycraftxx, and MiKha respectively.
    • He is also one of the Geometry Dash YouTubers with a verified YouTube channel (being marked as a check in a box, next to their names), the others are TheGrefg, Bycraftxx, GuitarHeroStyles, Viprin and ToshDeluxe.
  • In the early days of his channel, he went by "Alexwins24"
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