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Level Information
Creator RandyR777
Difficulty Normal (requested)
Stars 3 (requested)
Level ID 25891789
Song Figures
Composer NK

CiRcLe is a level by RandyR777. The level was originally posted in October 2016 but was updated two months later to look better. The level is still unrated.

User Coins

The coins are pretty simple to get:

  • The first coin requires a key near the end of the first cube section. In order to get this key, you need to collect another key. Then you can get the coin located at 44%.
  • The second coin is located at 75%. You need to skip the last yellow orb and then do nothing for a few moments.
  • The third coin requires you to get a key at the end of the first ship section. If you don't collect it, then you can't get the coin located at 96%.


  • When collecting the second coin, there is text which reads "No tuch!" Most likely this is supposed to say "No touch!" instead.
  • If you crash at 70% or 73% you can see that the custom background is unfinished.
  • You can collect the key for the first coin regardless of which direction you go.
  • If you don't get the key at the end of the first ship section, if you go the bottom route instead of upwards at the end of the level, you will crash.