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Cyclic (formerly Enlil and Cyclical) is a very popular and extremely skilled Korean player and creator in Geometry Dash who quit on March 5 2016 but returned in July 16. He had beaten many hard demons, the most notable levels being: Cataclysm, Ice Carbon Diablo X, Poltergeist, Necropolis, Acropolis, Ultrasonic and The Ultimate Phase. Cyclic is a verifier of the level Galatic Fragility by TeamSmokeWeed, which is considered a very hard or insane demon by most players. He also verified the first version of the level called A Bizarre Phantasm, which is one of the hardest levels in Geometry Dash (the second version with buffs was verified by goodssmile).

Cyclic is the creator of the infamous Sonic Wave, an extremely hard demon level and a nearly impossible one. It's also the hardest Nine Circles level ever created. Sonic Wave is considered to be harder than even Bloodbath (Even Riot himself said this in one of his streams).

Popular levels

NOTE: All of his levels on his original account are REMOVED! It means they are no longer found in the server. However, the well known impossible level creator Cyrillic has re-uploaded every Cyclic level on his and has also made a sort of "fake" Cyclic account.

  • Invisible Clubstep - This is his first featured demon ever, an invisible version of Clubstep (not to be confused with the one created by an unnamed player). It was very easy beforehand until 2016, when it was made harder via numerous buffs.
  • Invisible Clutterfunk - An invisible version of Clutterfunk, this was rated Insane 8*.
  • Invisible Time Machine - An invisible version of Time Machine, this was rated Harder 6*.
  • Ice Cream - This is his demon level, known for containing very little decoration but considered as an insanely difficult demon, but was suddenly removed and re-uploaded again.
  • Invisible xStep - An invisible version of xStep, this was rated Harder 6* rather than Insane.
  • Sonic Wave - This is his Nine Circles remake, an extremely difficult demon and a near-impossible one. It was removed due to the accusations of hacking, and was replaced by a Back on Track remake. Cyclic verify hacked the first version of Sonic Wave and speed-hacked the second, but the third (easier) version was beaten legitimately on his stream. Sunix eventually legit verified this level himself.
  • Lunar Intoxication - This is his moderately easy demon, which is his currently one of his only levels with a custom song.
  • The Hell Zone - an extreme demon collab with 1234, Koreaqwer and Ryan LC. It is based off a impossible level of the same name by Sohn0924. Cyclic used verify hacks and cut the video. He claimed to have beaten it legit but didn't record it, and he later admitted to hacking it.


  • He used a rabbit-themed texture pack created by Gelt. Link to the texture pack: [2]
  • Cyclic vs Riot has been a subject of debate for a long time.
  • Cyclic, if not hacking these levels, was the first player to complete Cataclysm and The Ultimate Phase legitimately.
  • Cyclic is the creator of Sonic Wave, one of the hardest Nine Circles type level in the game. After not being able to prove that he didn't hack to verify it, he replaced it with his Back on Track Remake. People had been arguing about Cyclic hacking Sonic Wave, but he admitted to hacking on the 4th of March, 2016.
  • He used to use the up key to play GD on his PC, but it broke after a while so he had to use the spacebar instead (he said he doesn't have a mouse on stream). He said on Youtube that "spacebars sucks for him". He has since gotten his hands on a mouse and uses it to play all the time.
  • Cyclic used to make his video descriptions merely say ".", but he no longer does this most of the time. One time, instead of putting ".", he put "qqftt" instead.
  • Despite his confession, Riot doesn't seem to believe that he hacked every major level he played.
  • He is the first person to have beaten A Bizarre Phantasm legitimately. He was followed by GiGas.
  • Cyclic confessed that he hacked to beat The Hell Zone and Sonic Wave.
  • As of March 5, 2016, he has made his levels free levels, but they were suddenly removed altogether.
  • He initially made a part in Riot's demon Yatagarasu, but he was eventually kicked out, and then replaced by Manix.
    • Cyrillic apparently uploaded an early, incomplete version of the level with his part under Cyclic's account.
  • Cyclic has, a few times, ranked 1st on the global leaderboards in 2015, usually swapping the top 5 with earlier players such as LunarSIMG (who quit in early 2.0), 3xotic (a hacker), zNymo98 (who is still active and currently places 15th), and saRy (a well known, extremely skilled, and somewhat mysterious player and creator of the notorious Red World; he had left in 1.9 and there is some evidence that suggests that he had also hacked).
  • Following Riot's retirement from GD, Cyclic was given the task of verifying Sonic Wave Infinity, a buffed version of the original SW with new decorations by Viprin.
  • His old channel is saved on Wayback Machine. [3]
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