Age 15
Levels 72 (54 Starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

Darnoc (formally called Darnoc703 in Youtube and TheRealDarnoc in Geometry Dash) is one of the first players and level creators in Geometry Dash. He has one of the most famous level styles, which results in a lot of people trying to copy his style. In fact, many of his levels, especially his earlier ones, star in RobTop's Map Packs.

His real name is Conrad, because Darnoc is Conrad backwards. Some people also call him "Doorknob". In his level DarnocDynamix, Darnoc said he is colorblind.

Darnoc also created the first starred level. He also started playing GD in 1.0. Almost every one of his levels are filled with bugs.

He has since quit GD since Oct 2015, but not before making the famous level "Okiba Crackdown". He is inactive at his YouTube account as he doesn't post anything anymore but still watches videos as seen on his YouTube channel. Although on October 15th, 2016, he became active by posting a video of him playing a VR game. In the description, he says, "Sorry for no Geometry Dash videos kids".

But then, out of nowhere, he made a comeback to GD on February 1st, 2017 with the level ''Blacklights'', a beautiful 2.1 level which also got an epic feature, which is trending on the GD community. Even RobTop is shocked, as he said in the comment section of Blacklights, " He is alive?... :o." Many other creators are shocked with his comeback, such as Partition, Serponge, Viprin, etc.


  • Demon Levels
    • yStep
    • Sky Realm
    • Hextec Flow
    • Chaoz Impact
    • DarnocDynamix
    • Steam Chamber
    • Clubdrop
    • Crunchy Apple
    • Hexagon Road
    • Bionic Button
    • Dark Tramuia
    • Easy
      • Stageix
    • Hard
      • Utopia Dash
    • Harder
      • Cytic Flow
      • Grab Bag (collab with Findexi and Minesap)
      • Time Lapse (collab with Juffin)
      • Okiba Crackdown 3
      • FlipFunk
      • Rainbow Road
      • No Deaths Allowed
      • Chill Out
      • Jumpin Jam
      • Sunny End
      • Dont Stop Believin
      • Time CrAcK
      • A Tribute
    • Insane
      • Flappy Bird
      • Clash
      • Electric Freeze
      • Mystic Jumper
      • Final Step
      • Dream
      • Scene Machine
      • Wave Wave
      • Disco Chip
      • Fuzzy
      • 7Step
      • Shocked
      • ChillFunk
      • Easy and Hard
      • Fantasy Base
      • Dizzier Run
      • Perkz of a Square
      • Arus Madness
      • Ice and Curves
      • MindDrop
      • Something Funky
      • Clutterdunk
      • Mind the Gap
      • SewerStep
      • TimeLapse
      • Just Another Level
      • BladePark
      • Theory of Nothing
      • Blacklights


  • He has a Newgrounds account, on which he posted music in 2015 [2]
  • One of his level " Wave Wave " is the level that give RobTop the idea of the Wave gamemode. Instead of using the Wave, the whole level is covered with blue jump rings, it uses spikes as the main harzad, and the level only uses the UFO gamemode.
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