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DiStOrSiOn of Time
Level Information
Creator Minh6969
Difficulty Normal Normal

Auto Auto (requested)

Stars 0 Star
Level ID 25035328
Song Time Leaper
Composer Hinkik

  DiStOrSiOn of Time is an Auto level created by Minh6969.


After Falling Up was made, Minh6969 found the song interesting and decided to make a level out of it. He used smooth effects. After working on for about 45 seconds, Minh6969 ran out of ideas and inspirations, so he uploaded a preview saying if anyone wants to collab, but nobody wanted to, so he decided to finish the level by himself.


The level starts with a cube being launched by jump pads then lands into a ship portal with 1.7x speed. The player after flying through a set of obstacles, will tranforms into a cube and wait until the next sequence, which is the Ball. After mashing through the Ball part, the player will tranform into a short Mini Wave part then turn into a UFO part which will then turn into a ship and finally, a cube at 1.0x speed when the first drop's over. After passing through some obstacles, the player will turn into a Ship and prepare for the boss fight, which is a cat. After being refused of being friends with the cat, it gets angry and the boss battle begins. 2 cans of bleach can be found shooting lasers at the player, which is a reference of the infamous bleach meme. After the ship segment is over, the player will turn into a Cube. After passing the last obstacles, the player will be stuck in a corridor of gravity portal which they will witness the destruction of the cat. The credit is shown after that.


  • The level was originally supposed to be non-auto, but Minh6969 changed it to auto due to having verification problems.


Distortion of Time by Minh6969 (Level Requests 13) - Geometry Dash

Distortion of Time by Minh6969 (Level Requests 13) - Geometry Dash