Age 15
Levels 13 (4 Featured)
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Crew GS
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EVAD3 (EVAD3 In Game) is a popular Geometry Dash Player & Creator. He is mostly known for his fast growing YouTube channel and regular featured levels.

He has regular videos of himself on his YouTube beating various levels from the community, ranging in difficulty.

Rated Levels

  • Crunchy - His first rated level (rated insane 8 stars) consisting of gameplay and colourful design. Designed to be a fun level with quick fast paced gameplay. Collab with Chloroplas.
  • ReaperTheory - His 1st demon rated level. On average seen as a medium demon with a murky blood theme. Collab with AirSwipe.
  • SeazaN - His first 'effect' level. This is his most liked level statistically and consists of an infamous glide part! Another collab with Chloroplas.
  • Crispy - Sequel to Crunchy, a similar design with colourful and action packed gameplay. This is his first rated solo level. This came fifth in Codex's CC1.
  • Chipworld - A collab with Andromeda, uploaded on Andromeda's account, has a similar action packed design like Crispy.
  • Magnolia - A fun level which packs a lot of gameplay and consists of 30,000 objects!


  • He mostly likes to play around with abstract designs and fuse gameplay with all of this design.
  • He has created levels with the likes of Andromeda and AirSwipe.
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