Age 19
Levels 10
Other Info
Crew None yet
YouTube Channel YT

Effext is a Geometry Dash player and creator who's inactive at creating.

Effext has no creator points since she doesn't upload as much levels as several other creators.


Effext joined in Update 1.6, an update that introduced her most problematic level, Clubstep to her. She only started attempting the level in early 2.1 and currently has 97% on it. During mid 1.9 she quit after becoming completely bored of the game. She returned in early 2.0 because she decided it would be good to come back. In mid-late 2.0, she joined a Geometry Dash group, and decided to use a Teleportation hack to beat Bloodbath, Cataclysm, and many other Extreme Demons. After using a Cheat Engine to edit her attempt and jump count on Bloodbath, Cataclysm, and Creeper Force, she showed the group the stats, was told out of her hacking and was eventually banned. In early 2.1, she rejoined the group and recreated her Youtube channel. She currently has a small amount of subscribers. She decided to hack her stats to get 25 thousand stars. After that, she forgot to backup so she had to erase her data completely. Nobody really knows about her hacking story, but she has stated that she speed-hacked Reanimation, Death Moon, and all of Neptune|Neptune's Demons. She states that her data-wipe will help her because she can start anew.


  • She is unknown for her sort of unique style.
  • She is very good at the ball game-mode and enjoys ball parts in most levels.
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