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Level Information
Creator Etzer
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 5239468
Song API - Paradise on E Remix
Composer API

Electrodise is a demon level by Etzer. It is mainly known for some simple art, as well as some memory and several skill-based sections. This level is generally considered a Very Easy Demon or an Easy Demon.


The level starts off with a pretty simple cube part. Then there is a moderately tight mini ship section. This is followed by a moderately difficult memory-based ball segment with a few timings. Then there is a short ship part with one notable yellow orb. This is followed by a pretty easy mini UFO part. Then there is a moderately tight mini ship section, which then leads into a mini UFO that requires some fast clicking to pass. Afterwards, there is a moderately tight mini ship that leads into the drop. The drop starts with a fast wave section with some sloped blocks that need to be avoided. Then there is a slow mini ship sequence with a few spikes that has the text "GG" and "Etzer" in block form. Then, the level ends.


  • This is one of the earliest demons to contain art.
  • There is also an another level called 'Electrodise X' made by a player named GrenAde, which is also rated demon.