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End of Line
End of Line
Level Information
Creator PMK
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3 Star
Level ID 215705
Song Theory of Everything
Composer DJ Nate

End of Line is a simple level by PMK. It is the third level in the Beginner Pack. It is also the third most downloaded and third most liked level.

A strange feature of this level has groups of decorations that say "LOL" throughout the level. This is one of the oldest levels to have been through a coin update.


The level starts with very simple jumps along with some fake orbs. Then the player must choose a path, although the bottom path is significantly easier. There will be some few simple jumps and tricks. After that, the player will transform into a ship. The ship sequence is quite hard because of spikes everywhere. After the ship, the player will transform into cube and quickly become a ball. The ball is extremely simple and easy, the player should only follow the lines. Then the player will transform into a easy cube with only a few jumps. After the cube, the player will transform into a easy ball again, only thing that the player should do is follow the lines wich is extremely easy. After the ball, the player will transform into a cube again without jumps and then level will end.


In the first ship part, if the player go on the top of the blocks and skip the cube and ball portals, he/she can enter a hidden robot portal and get the first and second coins. After that, he or she will go back to normal route.

If the player tap at a certain part of the second cube, in the part that he or she go down and a voice says "Flip down... down... down...", he or she will activate a touch triggered move/toggle/alpha trigger that will show a coin and the text "Good job!". Then the player can go back to the normal route.


  • Without Low Detail Mode, the player can see the particles of the robot portal that lead to the first and second coins even as ball in the first ball part. However, he or she can't enter it.