GPP Randy, formerly known as RandyR777, is a little known YouTuber (70 subs) and Geometry Dash player (40+ levels, none starred, none sent to RubRub).

GPP Randy
Age 14
Levels 43 (none rated)
Other Info
Crew GPP (Geometry Dash PowerPlay)
YouTube Channel Unknown
Some of his best levels include CiRcLe (basically just a 1.0 level with 2.0 stuff), Throwback (which includes things from 1.0 to 2.0), Wicked Factory (a 2.1 level he calls an "easy demon"), Poppin (his first level, originally looked bad, rebuilt later in 2.0), Sharp Minor (an easy level verified on camera), H3LL (a very easy demon that is well shorter than Sakupen Hell), and Rainbow Circles (an upcoming demon level that contains rainbow blocks and slopes).

He also plans to make a level on his Magnitude7 account. This is unknown because the original device used for this account, an iPad 2, has been very laggy recently.


-- GPP Randy (formerly RandyR777)

-- Magnitude7 (old account from 1.8)

-- DM Slender (lost account from 1.4)

-- KappaMaticXD (unknown account from 2.1)

-- Derp12321 (semiactive account from 2.0)

Collaborations (Note: most of these levels may be scrapped)

-- Dear Nostalgists IV (a megacollab with several other people from a GD Wiki)

-- Moon Rocks (a collab with 4JacobC, verified by 4JacobC)

-- NC Challenge (built on GPP Randy, verified by 4JacobC)

-- Angry Cubes (verified by TheRealTero)

-- BLAST (a megacollab that got scrapped)

-- Unknown Level (a collab with another user that got scrapped due to inactivity)

-- Unknown Level (a collab with inactive user JoshD14 aka IIJoshII)

-- Unknown Level (a megacollab, possibly meant to be like Cataclysm, which got scrapped)

-- Colourless (an upcoming megacollab)

-- The Eight Game (an upcoming megacollab)

-- Wicked Factory (technically does not count, but very small part of layout was built by a real life friend)

-- Hiding Soul (an upcoming level, set to be collab with two others)

-- Hiding Soul Plus (a rebirth of the previous level)

-- Two Eleven X (a small collab)

-- Fortress of Hell (a Sakupen Hell megacollab which will have six seconds per part)

-- Tiny Bomb (WIP collab)

-- Shining Light (an upcoming extreme demon megcollab)


  • Randy's first 10 posts have a majority of dislikes. The next post he put up got 10 likes. *facepalm*
  • Among Randy's friend list, there is a combined 31 multiplayer levels.
  • Randy first started GD back in the 1.4 update as dogo7 (he used an iPhone 4 to play. He now has an iPhone 5).
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