Welcome to the Geometry Dash Players Wiki!
Welcome to the Geometry Dash Players Wiki! The best wiki for GD fan content! This Wiki is made for all the fans of GD! Since this is a fan wiki, the content here is not just limited to the official levels, but also usermade levels as well! It also has info on level creators and texture packs! What are you waiting for? Join the Wiki and have fun!
Even though this is an unofficial wiki, we still have some basic guidelines:

General Guidelines

  • Take note that this wiki is an unofficial wiki. If you want to add things that are official, do it in the Geometry Dash Wiki .
  • Be nice to others. Do not call people rude names. Only mild swear words are allowed, like "damn" or "hell".
  • Do not spam. Same as the rule before, excessive spamming will result in a block.
  • If you have any problems regarding the wiki, you may leave a message on an admin's message wall.

Editing Guidelines

Main Article: Geometry Dash Player Wikia:Editing Policy

  • Make sure that the information is correct.
  • Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • English is the main language of this wiki, and it should be used.
  • Write in third person. Do not use first and second person pronouns (i.e. I and you.)
  • Make sure that your edit is useful and that it can be understood.
  • Never, ever do gibberish or nonsense edits on pages. If done multiple times, it might result in a block.


Main Artice: Geometry Dash Player Wikia:Staff

If you have a problems or questions regarding to this wiki, you can visit the staff members' message wall.

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