These are some basic editing guidelines that everyone should follow on the Geometry Dash Players Wiki:

Simple Guidelines

  1. Do not post spam or vandalize pages. This will result in a block if done multiple times.
  2. Before making a new page, search thoroughly and make sure that a similar page does not already exist. For example, a page about Cataclysm should not be created, because there is already a page called Cataclysm on the wiki where the level can be described.
  3. Use correct spelling and grammar.
  4. Make sure all information is verified.
  5. Make sure the edit is useful and can be understood.
  6. English is the primary language here! Be sure to speak English and add information to pages in English. Adding information to pages in another language will result in a permanent block, if done multiple times.

Advanced Guidelines

  1. If you are creating a page about a level or player, be sure to add an info-box to them.
  2. Always use capitals correctly.
  3. Do not add gibberish/childish information to pages, and always add true and proper information.
  4. Do not add the popular uni-code "Lenny Face" or anything like that to pages. Doing so will probably result in a block.
  5. Do not add notes to pages.
  6. Try and make sure you maintain a neutral standpoint throughout your edits.
  7. Do not add useless categories, categories are features that intended to group together pages on a similar articles to help user find a page easily.
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