The Messaging Policy is a set of rules required to be follow as a standards of leaving a good message in someone else's own wall. These guidelines are being enforced by an Admin or Bureaucat to an individual discretion. Please keep in mind that some of these guidelines can be also applied to your own message wall.


  1. Respect Message Wall Threads - Quite self-explanatory, please encourage yourself from respecting every threads in a message wall.
  2. Do not disturb someone by leaving a message on their wall - As a simple guidelines, please do not disturb anyone, especially staff members by leaving a message on their wall. (e.g. Simply saying "Hi" for no absolute reason or requesting too much like editing)
  3. Do not spam - For this guideline is important and was very common in every community fandom, do not spam excessively or not in any users' own message wall. If done many times, will result in a block.
  4. Do not bully, insult, threat - Self explanatory, whoever was caught doing this so, will result in a warning, and if done twice will result in a temporary block.
  5. Do not revive a thread that was already dead within 30 days after - If done, a staff will probably close that thread.
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