Age Unknown
Levels 30 (18 starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm
YouTube Channel [1]

Havok is a famous player and creator in Geometry Dash. In addition, he is also a notable member of GeoStorm. He is mostly known for creating Silhouette, a green Nine Circles remake which was verified by Smokes. He has started two trends, one being "My Part In Yatagarasu" where other players try to trick people that they are participating in Riot's mega-collaboration when really they are not, the other one being "Rip box" where other players kick/punch a box.

Popular Levels

  • Jazz Madness - his first rated level ever created.
  • Silhouette - This is a Nine Circles level that was rated Hard Demon and verified by Smokes.
  • Cyber Temple - This is a temple-themed demon level, which was a collaboration with Giron David.
  • Meltdown - This is a collaboration level with DarkZoneTV.
  • Slaughterhouse - a very hard demon level and a collaboration with Carapa. It was verified by MaxiS9.
  • Formula X - This is a demon level that uses the song xStep by DJVI.
  • Blossom - This is an insane level that uses the song Blossom by Envy.
  • Time Shrine - This is a collaboration with Luneth, which was his last 1.9 level.
  • Sequenctial - This is a collaboration with Codex, which later had user coins added.
  • Voyager III - This is a sequel of Voyager II which was was rated demon.
  • Party Crasher - This is a demon level created for Darnoc's Creator Contest #3.
  • SuperNova - This was rated harder 7* and uses the song Supernova by Xtrullor.
  • Snowy Skies - This is a Christmas-themed level.
  • Voyager II - a sequel to Voyager that was rated demon.
  • Chaotic Overdrive - his first 1.9 level ever created.
  • Havok Palace - an insane rated level.
  • Forerunner - This is his second level ever rated. It was rated insane.


  • He is obsessed with Undyne from Undertale.
  • He has changed his YouTube channel's name to Sciomancer.
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