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Level Information
Creator Krazyman50, AncientAnubis, AirSwipe
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 20321297
Song Heartbeat
Composer SnoodDood

Heartbeat is a demon level by Krazyman50, AncientAnubis, and AirSwipe.


This level is known for odd gameplay, mashing, some tight spaces, memorization, and timings. It is also known to be creepy by some, as both the song and decoration makes the level itself unsettling.


The level starts with a slow cube with a series of two-spike jumps. Then there is a mashing cube part where the player must miss one of the orbs to go to the next part. This is followed by a mini cube with a bunch of mashing and tricks. Then there is a memory cube part with rows of moving orbs, followed by a tricky timing-based mini cube. Then there is a section with many tricky orb configurations with many gravity portals. Then there is a ball part with a lot of memorization and timings. This is followed by a similar dual ball segment. Then there is an easier ball part followed by a cube part with a single orb. Then there is a difficult UFO part that involves many tight timings as well as tricky gravity portals and orb usage. At the end, there is a part with lots of UFO spam. Then there is a slow cube, leading into a very long wave spam section with lots of speed changes. This is followed by a rather difficult ship section with many orbs and tricks to avoid. Then there is a rather difficult robot part with many tricky jumps. Then there is a rather long cube part with lots of memorization. At the end of this, the level ends with Krazyman's name and the two decorators, Anubis and AirSwipe.


  • This level was verified just before Krazyman50 took a break.
  • This level has a fake secret way that takes you to 99% and kills you.
  • The end of the level is nearly impossible to be done on 144hz, as the cube will jump higher, smashing into the spike and would result a fail at 99%.
    • This is likely the reason why most, if not all the people that have completed this level are 60hz players.
    • Kuki1537, a 144hz player, showed that it is in fact possible to get past the gap without crashing.