Age 12
Levels 1 (1 unreleased)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]
Kiengioi (aka Forget Gamer) is a moderate Vietnamese GD player who started in 1.8, but quit later, and didn't return until middle 2.0. He currently has around 12 demons in his old account, and about 300 stars in his new account.


  • Magnetic Aurora: a late 2.0 level, was intended to be uploaded, but was deleted due to the creator losing interest.


  • He is a very good friend of Yoda8778, and is one of the members of Yoda8778's "GD School Team" with both having similarities (both are moderate at GD and has similar skills)
  • He is far better than Yoda8778, having beaten Clubstep before him (they beat ToE2 and Deadlocked on the same day though), and having twice his demon amount.
  • His current main objective is Lonely Travel, having 74%.
  • He revealed to Yoda8778 that he will quit after completing all the official levels. This is possibly a joke, though.
  • His real name is Kien, as his username says as well.
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