Age 15 (July)
Levels 10 (8 starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm (GS)
YouTube Channel [1]
Krazyman50 is a North American player who has completed many demon levels and often streams.


Invisible Deadlocked: An invisible remake of Deadlocked

Rearmed: A remake of his old 1.9 level Unarmed. Uses the song Unarmed by Dex Arson.

Lit Fuse: A demon that is XL in length.

Phobos: A previously hacked mega-collaboration created by KobaZz, Honeyb, TechneT, GMTSean, Jobet, Eduardo, iBlade, Palery, TerraSmokes, Jo2000, DreamEater, Tygrysek, Iqrar99, Skitten, KuBs0n, Andromeda, Caernarvon725, Razur, WOOGI1411 and Riqirez.

Conical Depression: His hardest solo level to date.

Hi: His casual level, known for its very difficult dual segments.

Falling Up: This is a solo level which uses the song "Time Leaper." This level is also what skyrocketed the popularity of the song.

Heartbeat: A difficult level. Decorated by AirSwipe and AncientAnubis.

Valor: A USA Megacollab named after one of the teams in Pokemon GO.

M A N I X: A level that Manix648 created as a joke for Krazyman50 to verify. All obstacles in this level are invisible. However the real rated version is on Manix648's account and the obstacles are visible in that version. However, sometime in March, RobTop gave this level an insane demon rating.

Black Blizzard: His most recent upcoming level.


  • He has created a literally invisible version of the main levels of Geometry Dash. Some of them remained unrated, while Invisible Deadlocked and M A N I X are the only ones that got a rating.
  • He has created custom song remixes/mashups for Ultimate Demon Mix and Obscurum.
  • Seth4564TI and another Geometry Dash player named Furret got Krazyman50 into playing Geometry Dash.
  • He likes to use the phrase "E?" quite a lot, including in his levels.
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