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Age Unknown
Levels 23 (22 rated).
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Crew None
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MaJackO is a Geometry Dash creator, well known for creating notorious levels like Stereo Demoness and Back on Mountain, as well as participating in several collabs like Resident Evil and The Ultimate Phase. He is also well-known for introducing the "Core" themed levels, including GrindCore and MetalCore.  

Sometime during 1.9, the popular creator had disappeared, and his latest level is a copy-able of his own popular level, Future Demoness. However, he made a brief return in early 2.1, stating that he had himself involved in a car accident, and will return to Geometry Dash once he graduates from high school.  

Popular Levels

  • Silent Hill
  • Stereo Demoness
  • Back on Mountain
  • GW Russia
  • Theory of EX v2
  • Apologiest
  • Higgs
  • Triangle Out
  • Silent Hill v2
  • Dark Matter
  • Anti Matter
  • Treasure Mine
  • Hello Demon
  • MetalCore
  • 8Bit Core
  • GrindCore
  • DuoCore
  • DeathCore
  • TranceCore
  • EmoCore
  • MaJackOs Cosmos
  • Future Demoness


  • MaJackO is considered as a hacker, as most of his levels were far too hard for most people. Notably, Stereo Demoness and Back on Mountain were both harder back then.
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