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Red World Rebirth
Level Information
Creator Riot, SaRy, Neptune, Findexi, Hinds, Viprin
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 20077821
Song Clubstep
Composer DJ-Nate

Red World Rebirth is a collab demon level hosted by Riot. The gameplay was made by SaRy, the original design was made by Neptune, and the new design was made by Viprin, Hinds, and Findexi. It is known mainly for its tight spaces and crucial timings.


The level starts with a difficult ball part with many very hard timings. Then there is a long ship part with some rather tight spaces. This is followed by a short cube part with 3 triple spike jumps, and then a very hard mini UFO with difficult spaces and excessive mashing. Then there is a ship part that starts off with a moderately tight space with many gravity portals, and then a rather tight mini ship with many hard-to-see sawblades. Then there is a very long, hard, and tight swingcopters section that mainly is based on navigating tight spaces and avoiding clusters of sawblades. Then there is a very long ship part that starts with a rather tight short ship, and then an extremely tight and long space full of one space flying, and then another ship part similar to the beginning of the long ship part, but a lot longer, and with more memorization required. Then there is a rather long swingcopters section, with many tight spaces. This is followed by a very tight ship part. Then the level ends. It displays "Gameplay by SaRy and Neptune", and "Design by Hinds, Findexi Viprin", and finally "Verified by Riot".


  • The original Red World has been impossible since 1.9 due to the removal of the hitbox for the first platform.
  • TrusTa was the first player to beat this level. He beat the level with around 2,300 attempts. Sunix later one beaten the level, with around the same attempts as TrusTa. Another player named Hawkfire7 beat it even quicker with only 1,537 attempts.[1]
  • This remake is slightly easier than the original or slightly harder than the original depending on who you ask. While the flying parts are extremely buffed, the swing copter parts are nerfed.
  • The original Red World was verified by SrGuillester.


  • SebQuero11 crashed at 95%.
  • Surv crashed at 79%.
  • Riot crashed at 93%, 94%, and 96%.
  • Sunix(Deam) crashed at 74% and 75%
  • BlassCFB crashed at 96%
  • Hawkfire7 crashed at 75%, 76%, and 88%
  • GuitarHeroStyles crashed at 81%