Age 15
Levels 20 (4 starred)
Other Info
Crew GS
YouTube Channel [1]

SrGuillester is a skilled Spanish player (60Hz). He is well known for beating notoriously hard demons such as The Ultimate Phase and ICDX. He had verified Lunatic Doom Machine by Andromeda and Optagonus, as Andromeda had hacked the level and it was unrated. It is currently rated demon as of now and it can be found on SrGuillester's account. He has also beaten the once seen impossible demon Red World by SarY, and verified two levels: the infamous Cosmic Calamity, and Hatred, an extreme demon by AZuLer4.

Rated Levels

  • Robotic Dreams: A 7 star level.
  • Regret Cave: Another 7 star level. This level received an update which made it as hard as a demon level, hence receiving the title as the hardest "harder" level in the game.
  • Lunatic Doom Machine: A previously hacked demon level by GW AnDRomedA and Optagonus. It was re-verified legitimately and was rated on his account.
  • Cosmic Calamity: An insane demon megacollab featuring creators from the GDForum community.
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