Age 18
Levels 8 (3 starred)
Other Info
Crew EON, Burst
YouTube Channel [1]
Stormfly is a rather popular and talented player. His fame mostly came from verifying redecorated versions of Sohn0924's old, near impossible levels, notably The Hell Zone, The Hell World, and is currently working on The Hell Dignity.

He is also known for creating guides for confusing parts of difficult levels. For instance, he created a guide for Miner's dual part in A Bizarre Phantasm, the memory parts in Betrayal of Fate, and Viprin's ball part in Hypersonic.

Another possible reason for his fame is that fact that he once insisted that he was a girl. As the GD community lacks amazing female players, the community labeled Stormfly as the best female player. Of course, this secret was revealed later on and he had to explain everything, along with his motives.


  • The Hell Zone - A previously hacked level by Cyclic and others.
  • Hate War - A previously impossible level (due to a bug) by SaRy. His uploaded copy was decorated by himself.
  • The Hell World - A mega-collaboration level that he hosted, which gameplay was taken from Sohn0924's level.


  • His in-game name was previously IStormfly|.
  • His two uploaded levels, The Hell Zone and The Hell World were not rated for a long time, as RobTop disliked its gameplay. Ironically, Hate War was rated before the two were given a star rating despite its gameplay being considerably worse. The reason forRobTop reluctance to rate them were probably because of an old conversation he had with Sohn0924 himself, which he talked about the "Hell" levels and why they weren't rated, and it's possible for him to have the same impression after all this time.
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