Age 16-17
Levels 39 (2 Rated)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]
Sunix (also known as lSunix in-game) is a Geometry Dash player, known for beating levels such as Sakupen Hell, Betrayal of Fate, Phobos, Athanatos, Sonic Wave and Yatagarasu. He is also known for completing Bloodbath multiple times, as for to completing his own buffed version.

His old username was Deam (ItzDeam in-game). However, it was changed, so that people won't get confused with another YouTuber with a similar username. This caused a bit of confusion among the community for quite a while.


  • He has his own buffed version of Bloodbath, named Deambath. The level is considered outdated due to his new username. In one of his streams, it seems that he is working on "Sunixbath".
  • He completed Betrayal Of Fate in 2,239 attempts, even less than any other players who have beaten it, and for the fact that it is considered an Insane/Extreme demon, it is a very low number of attempts.
  • All of his Extreme Demon completions are streamed and are proven to not be pre-recorded.
  • He will verify a redecorated version of AfterCataBath in the future, named Apocalyptic Trilogy.
  • He is the first ever person to beat Sonic Wave legitimately on stream.
  • He has completed Catabath, a level which has combined the two extreme demons Cataclysm and Bloodbath into a single level, which is a remarkable achievement. It will, however, probably never get rated as it is not an original level. Some people see this as a waste of time, but the majority of players still congratulate for him beating it.
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