Team OneNation is a group of Geometry Dash players which have participated in at least one collab with the the team's founder, ZenthicYoshi. There is also a Wikia about it.


  • UNation
  • White Hot
  • LastStep
  • A Strange Phantasm

Team Members


  • ZenthicYoshi
  • Darkwrath32
  • BarbecuedRat
  • Sheikah GD


  • Xwings4ever
  • Scientedfic
  • Trainiac
  • ElectroBlaze


  • HollowEarth13
  • ImaSuper
  • Psychomaniac14
  • LuisLuigi26
  • Garfield88
  • GD Rogue
  • Sonic4999
  • Kingdavid3241



  • Most of the members are American and of high school age. There are some exceptions, though:
    • Minh6969 is from Vietnam.
    • Scientedfic is from South Korea but resides in USA.
    • Psychomaniac14 and HollowEarth13 are from Australia.
    • Garfield88 is from Romania.
  • Scientedfic saw the founding of Team OneNation, but was never put as a co-founder.
    • Despite this, he is an administrator of the team.
  • Scientedfic created the Team1N account.
  • There have been several strifes, including accusations of Psychomaniac14 hacking uNation and Kasoku generally being rude to the members, especially to Psychomaniac14.
  • Sign-ups to the team is currently open, with requirements to be a part of the team in the wikia.