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The Hell Zone
The Hell Zone
Level Information
Creator Cyclic + 1234, Ryan LC, Koreaqwer ( uploaded/verified by Stormfly )
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 17214185 (Original: 142942)
Song Time Machine
Composer Waterflame

The Hell Zone is a extremely hard and detailed level made by Cyclic and verified by Stormfly. It is a collab (and remake of 1.2 extreme level called The Hell Zone by Sohn0924) with 1234, Koreaqwer, and Ryan LC. Although this level was deleted before it was rated, it is generally considered a hell demon due to its extreme difficulty. The level was buffed and nerfed a couple of times before Cyclic exposed himself and had the level deleted.

On August 2nd 2016 Stormfly verified The Hell Zone legitimately (with nerfs at Koreaqwer's part), but it was not rated until February 2017.


The level's extreme difficulty can be due to it containing a fair deal of quadruple spikes in normal speed, as well as invisible portals and orbs, among others. Its decoration is similar to Necropolis, featuring a lot of Necropolis style crosses, and also contains a very large amount of the incredibly hard timing that Necropolis is infamous for.


Source: [1]

"I used verify hack to verify The Hell Zone. Both 1st and 2nd version. For the video, I used 4 cuts. One at Koreaqwer's first part (the transition), one at 31%, one at 36%, one at the end of the level (just before the icon disappears) (this was to make look like verified with the same attempt as the beginning) Now I verified the 3rd version legit but I don't have a video cause I gave my laptop to my sister and I can only use a computer which all my family members use it and I can't record it cause of lag. You don't have to believe me because I don't deserve it. I'm very sorry that I tried to trick all geometry dash players and I'm especially sorry to my collab members: 1234, Koreaqwer, and Ryan LC. I had only 3 days left till my sister takes my laptop so I tried to verify in 3 days but I couldn't so I used verify hack..."



Geometry Dash - The Hell Zone (Demon) - By sohn0924 and more

Geometry Dash - The Hell Zone (Demon) - By sohn0924 and more

Verification video by Stormfly


  • This level used a near impossible level with the same name for the layout, made by Sohn0924- This level is still available to play today.
  • It took Cyclic over 18,000 attempts to verify this level.
    • However, Cyclic claimed that The Hell Zone and Sonic Wave were hacked.
  • Stormfly verified the unnerfed version (He did nerf Cyclic's part a little though).
  • Timeattack holds the world record for the original version by Sohn, he has 39%.