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The Robotic Rush
Level Information
Creator Andromeda and TheRealThawe
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 11202046
Song Flirt Flirt Oh It Hurts
Composer Holyyeah (aka Bossfight)

The Robotic Rush is the first 2.0 demon level that is created by Andromeda and Thawe. It is currently rated as a Medium Demon, despite being considered easier.


The Robotic Rush is normally considered an easy demon by players, but it has a notoriously annoying amount of bugs in the second half and ends with an annoying rocket segment.


The player starts with a super easy cube sequence with no tricks whatsoever. Then the player transforms into a double speed ship sequence. The ship sequence is still easy, but a bit harder, as there are invisible sawblades and a few somewhat tight spaces to navigate through. The player transitions through a ridiculously short and easy ball, then into a cube only requiring two jumps. This is followed by the first moderately difficult part, a UFO sequence with a few tricky jumps and timings that have to be practiced somewhat, in the case the player is not very skilled with timing the UFO. This is followed by another rather easy cube segment. The level then gets harder as the player is thrown into a triple speed dual cube that resembles something from Chaoz Airflow. The dual then switches to a wave with rather tight spaces, and then into a buggy cube (if the player is trying to get the second coin.) If the player gets through the bug, the music picks up more intensity and the name "The Robotic Rush" can be seen.

The player changes into a fairly easy robot, then into another series of simple rocket and cube parts. The next ball is fairly easy as well, but it has a bug that causes players to crash either at 93% or 94%. If the player makes it past these bugs as well, they must complete one last troll rocket segment with pretty tight spaces. The player will obtain a key at the end to open the way out and the level ends. Thawe's name can be seen here.


  • After the UFO and before the mini dual the player can fall on the ground and die without being their fault.
  • At the end of the wave, the cube segment can be ridiculously buggy if the player attempts to get the second coin.
  • As mentioned, there is a bug at 93% and 94% that causes the player to crash either early or late. GuitarHeroStyles ran into the 93% bug. The player must tap early the Green orb in order to avoid the bug.


  • This is definitely one of Andromeda's buggiest demons.
  • The final ship part is disliked by many due to the sudden difficulty spike.