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Age 18
Levels 18 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Dynasty Warriors
YouTube Channel [1]

ToshDeluxe, or commonly abbreviated as Toshey (also his in-game name) is a popular and very skilled player in Geometry Dash.

He first became popular due to his first recordings of some impossible demons including Silent Circles, Silent Processing, Sonic Wave v2, and many more. These recordings are known as the "Impossible Series". Sometime later, he would start beating difficult demons, such as Cataclysm, Unnerfed Paracosm Circles, Bloodbath, and more. This, of course, made his channel even more popular.

He once had 2 starred levels, however both of them were unrated later on. Apparently, an auto version of Silent Circles that was rated auto on his account was a direct copy of Cyrillic's level. Another rated level was suprisingly a copy of an unknown creator's work, and was named Endless Escape and was an insane 8 star level. Cyrillic talked about this to RobTop himself in a stream, and both of them were unrated.


  • He is currently the owner of the clan, Dynasty Warriors (DW).
  • He is one of the few GD major YouTubers to have reached 100,000 subscribers.
  • His "Toshey" account once was in the top 150, but he was banned, and no-one could see him on the leaderboards besides himself.
  • He is one of the only Geometry Dash YouTubers with a verified YouTube channel (being marked with a check), the others are Riot, GuitarHeroStyles, Bycraftxx, TheGrefg, AleXPain24, and RobTop's own YouTube channel.
  • His name on YouTube profile pic says "TOSHY", while in-game is "Toshey"


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