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Level Information
Creator AbstractDark
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 21884354
Song Abyss 2
Composer Unknown

Underground is a 2.1 fanmade level created by AbstractDark.


The level starts off with a medium cube with tricky timing. Next is a robot which light taps (or clicks) need to be perfomed. After is a mini ship with spikes everywhere. The player needs to try to avoid these. Next is the spider. Next is a very short cube. The player needs to jump over the spike and use the black orb. That will make the player land on a red pad. The next spider needs very crucial timing. Then there's a ball with tricky timing, followed by a UFO constantly switching size and gravity. A ship with good skill needed followed by a dual cube with tricky timings. An upside-down wave followed by ship. A cube is next needing not so much skill but timing is hard. Then the player enters boss fight. A spider fighting monster bats reintroduced in the level. After that, a wave with lots of skill is needed. Finally, a ship with fireballs and columns colliding together. If completed, the text "Thanks for playing" will appear.

User Coins

  • The first user coin is located in the first mini-ship. The player must go through some spike decorations. Once they are collected, the player must come down in time for the spider.
  • The second coin is located in the UFO part. The icon must collect a key to be able to grab the coin. If collected, the player must fly into the waterfall with a diamond inside. Once collected, The player must press a red ring to get back on the normal route.
  • The last coin is located in the last ship near the end. The player needs to collect the key, and then fly into the last fireball on the top and collect it then fly back into the normal route.