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Age 12
Levels 7 (none starred) (4 upcoming)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]
Yoda8778 is an unknown Vietnamese Geometry Dash player who has around 500 stars. He is also a very active editor in the GeometryDashPlayers Wiki. He also create levels which usually have little decoration but better gameplay. He is also known to be very friendly upon Twitch stream chats, and always try to be as friendly as possible. He started playing GD since around August 2016.


Uploaded levels

  • Demonic Portals: first 2.0 level, uses the song At The Speed of Light by Dimrain47. Known among Twitch streams for notoriously annoying gameplay and an extremely confusing dual at the start.
  • Demonic Portals 2: The sequel of Demonic Portals, uses the same song. The level was intended to reach medium demon difficulty, but after being heavily nerfed, it goes around an Insane level or Easy Demon difficulty, similar to Paracosm Circles.
  • Shakes On Track: first 2.1 level, being Back On Track but shaken up by the use of shake triggers.

Upcoming levels

  • Probelast: a WIP, possibly first original level of 2.1, uses the entirely of the song Problematic by Rukkus.
  • Fearful: a WIP, uses the song Betrayal of Fear by Goukisan, and will be the creators hardest level once released
  • Demonic Portals X: The unnerfed version of the level Demonic Portals 2. Verification is still in progress.
  • Telltale Theory: a WIP, uses the song Theory of Everything 3 by Domyeah, and is speculated to be around Medium-Hard Demon difficulty.


  • He has 3 of his friends at school who also play GD, and they form a team, which they name "GD School Team". One of them is Kiengioi.
  • He hates everything meme-related.
  • He has once been banned on BHFusion's stream, due to excessive requests. He has been unbanned, however.
  • He has a Youtube channel but hasn't uploaded anything GD-related, due to problems recording. He uploaded some videos of Super Hexagon, however.
  • He's a big fan of Sunix, and a massive hater of GMDAurorus.
  • He has a habit of posting a new comment on his profile whenever he has a new best on a level he's trying to beat or a remarkable achievement, with a miscellaneous comment next to it.
  • He's an extremely fast map pack player, having beaten 10 map packs, with 6 of them being completed within no more than 20 minutes and completing all of the levels in Stereo Pack in one attempt each.
  • His real name is Duong.
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